Fragmented Beauty
Day Dreams
Artful Living
Yvonne Parker’s mixed media sculptures, composed of found treasures, are
a visual mixture that defy any sense of conventional artistic expression.
These cumulative combinations become a unified vision that defines
Yvonne’s unique perspective. These works are a celebration of a figurative
menagerie filled with infinite possibilities of dialogue, interaction, and

A walk amongst the works of Parker transports the viewer out of their own
reality, providing a flashback to a time when everyday was a fanciful
adventure. Like bright-eyed children reading Alice in Wonderland, we
realize that our memories of the past and our perceptions of the
present are intertwined in an experience that both challenge and expand
our imagination. 

Her artistic mixed bag conjures a nostalgic visit to a time or place of past
memories. The often-heightened kitsch, coupled with the human figurative
influence and the riotously brilliant mélange of colors, evokes a curious sense of surrealism.

My wallet does not afford me a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting or a Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture, but I will happily live with an Yvonne Parker and enjoy it just as much. Figurative, bold, expressionistic, beautiful, playful, and undeniably powerful - Parker’s distinctive creations will enchant and mesmerize the beholder.

Jacqueline K. Franks
Founder of Grand Central Gallery

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