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Fragmented Beauty
Day Dreams
Artful Living
Yvonne Parker’s life epitomizes Artful Living. Growing up
in Europe, Yvonne was raised in a family of artists. At age
eighteen, under the guidance of her father, she was an
accomplished porcelain painter. This time, she also began
her career as an international fashion model. After moving
to the United States, she studied at the NY School of
Interior Design and later managed art galleries in
Newport, RI and SoHo in NYC. She presently is
co-owner of Parker & Parker Consulting Inc., an art
publishing company and interior design firm

As an artist/designer, she not only renovates architecturally
interesting structures, but also makes her statements through
imaginative installations within those spaces. Additionally, she creates original works of art to be placed in these transformed settings. Yvonne’s early interest, as an artist, focused on collage, decoupage, and mixed media; her artistic expressions now range from functional art to major mixed media sculptures.

Plucked from the past with her collector’s eye, sculptor Yvonne Parker combines precious articles of life made of hand-painted porcelain, vintage ceramic, metal and glass to fashion a world of contemporary, surreal fantasy called “Fragmented Beauty”. She often includes porcelain roses that she creates in her studio as her signature. Yvonne has developed important and unique sculptures with her artistic fusion of these fragments.

Yvonne Parker considers her creations to be antidotes to the problems of the world we live in. Her sculptures have created beauty from broken pieces of the past; her leitmotif is the rose, which is the universal symbol of love. What is art if not beauty, truth and love?

Her art is exhibited throughout the US and Europe.